20220228 Efficient targeted insertion of large DNA fragment without DNA donor
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Wang J, He Z, Wang G, Zhang R, Duan J, Gao P, Lei X, Qiu H, Zhang C, Zhang Y, Yin H (2022). Efficient targeted insertion of large DNA fragment without DNA donor. Nature Methods.(殷昊



Targeted insertion of large DNA fragments holds great potential for treating genetic diseases. Prime editors can effectively insert short fragments (~44 bp) but not large ones. Here we developed GRAND editing to precisely insert large DNA fragments without DNA donors. In contrast to prime editors, which require reverse transcription templates hybridizing with the target sequence, GRAND editing employs a pair of prime editing guide RNAs, with reverse transcription templates nonhomologous to the target site but complementary to each other. This strategy exhibited an efficiency of up to 63.0% of a 150-bp insertion with minor by-products and 28.4% of a 250-bp insertion. It allowed insertions up to ~1 kb, although the efficiency remains low for fragments larger than 400 bp. We confirmed efficient insertion in multiple genomic loci of several cell lines and non-dividing cells, which expands the scope of genome editing to enable donor-free insertion of large DNA sequences.


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