·20220422 Active endogenous retroviral elements in human pluripotent stem cells play a role in regulating host gene expression 2022-04-25
·20220331 USP8 inhibition reshapes an in?amed tumor microenvironment that potentiates the immunotherapy 2022-03-31
·20220329 PTIP governs NAD+ metabolism by regulating CD38 expression to drive macrophage inflammation 2022-03-30
·20220321 Fast and sensitive detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA using suboptimal protospacer adjacent motifs for Cas12a 2022-03-24
·20220301 Reciprocal regulation of IL-33 receptor-mediated inflammatory response and pulmonary fibrosis by TRAF6 and USP38 2022-03-13
·20220228 Efficient targeted insertion of large DNA fragment without DNA donor 2022-03-13
·20220217 Cocktail strategy based on a dual function nanoparticle and immune activator for effective tumor suppressive 2022-03-13
·20220110 EZH2 depletion potentiates MYC degradation inhibiting neuroblastoma and small cell carcinoma tumor formation 2022-03-13
·20220103 Making human pancreatic islet organoids: Progresses on the cell origins, biomaterials and three-dimensional technologies 2022-03-13
·20211116 The membrane-associated E3 ubiquitin ligase MARCH3 downregulates the IL-6 receptor and suppresses colitis-associated carcinogenesis 2021-11-22
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